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I’m Rachel! I grew up in Avon, CT with my parents and twin brother. My earliest memories include jamming out to Mamma Mia in the car with my family and singing in a band with my father and brother.

At NYU Tisch School of the Arts,  I learned not only the skills needed to be a successful actor, but what it means to be an artist. Our job is to tell stories. Through these four years I specialized in Musical Theatre, studied abroad in London, and studied on-camera acting.  I have also explored writing, producing, and talent management. 


I am not an actor because I “can’t see myself doing anything else”. I have chosen this path because I can see first hand how important it is to tell stories and move an audience. Art is too important. (Also I just love it). Aside from theatre I have a strong love for the outdoors, adventure, and sex/gender studies. Please browse my website and feel free to contact me!